I’m reimagining my business!

In November 2022 I celebrated 14 years as an independent business coach and consultant. The last few years have been anything but normal. In the midst of my health challenges and healing, followed by a global pandemic, and a few other life shifts, I felt called to a new path for my work.

Actually, it’s a blend… an evolution of my work helping leaders share their genius, a return to my roots in Women’s Leadership, and the lessons from my last decade. That blend led me to create “Aligned Living & Leadership.” I’m in the process of shaping what that looks like in how I serve clients.

It’s a little bit unnerving to start from scratch again. Yet I’m bringing forward all I’ve learned and experienced in the last 14 years as a solopreneur, 15 years in corporate and non-profit before that, plus degrees and continuing education.

Ok… no, I’m not really starting from scratch. It’s more of a reimagining, redirection, retooling, reinvention, and renewal. And it feels so good! I’m looking forward to sharing it with you in early summer 2023.

In the meantime, my website is undergoing a refresh.

If you want to work with me I’m available for the following:

Fresh Take in 50 laser coaching session – SPECIAL ONLY $50 until June 12 – buy now, use when you need it

Organization Genius Facilitation for boards, retreats, strategic planning


We go live early Summer!

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