The KOR Solutions, LLC logo was specifically designed to represent key concepts of a healthy business and personal growth as well as KOR’s principles.


The chambered nautilus was chosen because of its characteristics of being an organic entity with scalable growth. It also provides a sense of movement with the spiral circular shape. Your business never stands still nor is the simplest of processes or development truly linear. A sustainable organization grows organically. A product or suite of products should be designed to scale. The center of the nautilus is the core of the organism. Your business also has its core processes and values. The same is true for your personal growth, and a holistic, sustainable life rooted in your values.

The KOR of KOR Solutions is an obvious play on my last name. Beyond that, kor is an ancient Hebrew word that is a measurement or capacity. Aurally it sounds like core as in the heart of. Metrics are key indicators for any business, whether you’re tracking customer satisfaction, product saturation, or finances. I work with you to incorporate metrics wherever important to keep your business on track. I also want to keep the heart of your vision in mind as we move to make it a reality. When you’re in the midst of creating a new program, product or initiative it can be easy to get distracted by shiny things over there, or to get caught up in what’s most popular or easiest to do. I help you keep the heart of your vision and the values of your company at the core of our project.

Solutions was selected because I strive to not just provide opinions and ideas but actual solutions towards realizing your vision. I don’t just advise and walk away (unless that’s all you want). I work with you and for you to make it happen!

The oceanic blue was selected as it makes me think of water and movement, simple yet powerful and life-giving. The spring grass green was selected to represent freshness, newness and growth. All of this is organic and innate, as creating your vision should be.

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