All of us experience it. I bet you have, even in the last few months. We get hit with a reminder that we want something in our life to be different and we respond by saying something that starts like this…

I keep meaning to…
I really want to…
Someday I will…
It would make such a difference if…
I wish I had time to…
I hope to…
I need to…
Wouldn’t it be great if…

Or maybe the conversation isn’t quite as polite.

Damnit! Why can’t I remember to…
When am I going to get my act together?
I can’t believe I’m still…
Another month/year and nothing’s changed.
I feel like I’m just stuck.
Ugh! When is that going to get done / be different?
Will it ever get better?
Here we are again.


You’ve had a desire for a while for something – in some part of your life or business – to be different. For some reason it hasn’t been at the forefront of your mind, or at the top of your list (or you’ve been straight up putting it off).

And yet every time it pops in your mind you wince. Your stomach drops. Your heart aches a bit.

All because you know that if and when that thing you desire to happen, happens, it will not just be a check-off on your task list, or the fulfillment of a desire, but a REAL SHIFT in your life.

I know how this feels.

I know what it’s like to say all the things written at the top of this page (especially the not so nice things). I know what it’s like to write the same goals down each year and then get so caught up in the day to day that little or no progress on what I really want ever happens. I know what it’s like to even put something on my calendar only to keep moving it to the next day, and the next week, and eventually delete it. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with to-do’s that doing the one thing that might make it all work better seems impossible. And I know what it is like to feel, or literally, be limited by finances, physical illness or state of mind.

I also know that no matter what, that shift you want is possible…and it can make all the difference.

Your shift doesn’t have to be a big deal to the world, just a big deal in your world.

It’s amazing what a difference even the smallest shift can have in how we live and feel in our day to day. Not to mention the ripple effect it can create, both in our lives and even the lives of others.

But it’s hard to do alone. That’s why I created this program for you – The Shift: 100 Days of Action!

This is me! I'm ready to join!

I’m so glad you’re ready to jump in! Click the button below to purchase the program for only $50.

In The Shift: 100 Days of Action you get what you need to finally create the shift you desire.

  • Mindset – Learn mindset shifts to move past the doubts and sabotage, and set you up for action and success.
  • Clarity – Use tools to get really clear on the shift that will have the greatest impact and how to make it happen.
  • Planning – Realistically plan your approach, anticipate obstacles, prepare and follow-through
  • Action + Community Accountability – Take action and get the accountability and support you need to both celebrate victories and encourage you through the struggles.


The Shift: 100 Days of Action program includes:

  • Workbook – A workbook full of mindset work, clarity and planning tools, and Action Journal to track your journey and reflect and reassess along the way.
  • Group Coaching Calls – There are nine (9) Zoom video calls:
    • Pre-Game Call – on Day 0 to answer questions and get psyched
    • Coaching Calls – seven (7) calls, about every two weeks, throughout our 100 days, for coaching and celebration
    • Celebration Call – on Day 101 to celebrate your successes and share what’s next for you
  • Private Facebook Group – A sanctuary to share wins and struggles, and to give and receive accountability, feedback, encouragement, love and support

DAY 1 is Saturday, November 23, 2019

DAY 100 is Sunday, March 1, 2020

This is exactly what I need!

Join now and create that Shift you’ve been wanting for so long. Click the button below to purchase the program for only $50.

Your Shift can be about anything. Here are some examples from previous Shift participants.

An attorney’s Shift was to add more peace and spirituality in her life. So she learned about and developed a consistent meditation practice.

A jewelry designer’s Shift was to own her professionalism and create an online presence for her business. So she designed her branding, product packaging, and launched her website.

A new retiree’s Shift was to figure out what she did and didn’t want to do in her new phase of life. So she used her 100 Days to simply explore different things in which she’d always been interested. She even took a couple classes.

A former police officer’s Shift was a desire for peace and ease in her home by decluttering. Her house had become overly crowded with her deceased father’s belongings, along with the clutter that came with depression. She used her 100 days to work through both the physical and emotional stuff that was causing dis-ease for her family.

An executive’s Shift was creating space in her life for all the things she really wanted – family, friends, health, relaxation. She had to take a hard look at her responsibilities, delegate, say no to things, create “white space” on her calendar.

A mom’s Shift was to do more to improve her family’s health and live more Earth-conscious. So she gradually moved her family to a more locally sourced, plant-based diet.


Your Shift can be about any aspect of your personal or professional life.

It’s unique to you.



And Guess What?

You’re getting into The Shift family at a special introductory rate of only $50. The next time I offer this program it will be $100.

But once you’re in, you’re in! You get to participate and create a new Shift over another 100 Days every time it is offered, with no additional cost. Plus, you’ll get a fresh workbook each time, and our Facebook community will keep growing for even more love and support. So why wouldn’t you join now!?!

Bottom line…

You can commit to creating a Shift in your life and start taking action at any point. It doesn’t have to be a Monday or the New Year. It can be now.

But if you were going to do it on your own you might have done it already. 

If you don’t join The Shift where will you be in 100 days when it comes to that desired change tugging at your heart? Will you be exactly where you are today?

Join The Shift: 100 Days of Action and get the tools, coaching, accountability, and community you need to make it happen.

Let's do this!

Join now and create that Shift you’ve been wanting for so long. Click the button below to purchase the program for only $50.


What if I don’t have time to do the workbook before Day 1?

No worries. It’s perfectly fine if your early days are focused on working through the workbook to make the most of the remaining time. This is about creating a Shift not hitting a 100 day goal.

What if my Shift isn’t something I could really do every day for 100 days?

That’s perfectly fine. Your shift is unique to you. This is about taking clear, intentional action consistently over a period of 100 days to create a shift. There’s no specific daily goal or time line, just a 100 day time frame.

When are these calls and what if I can’t make them?

All the call dates and details will be sent to you when you purchase the program. The Coaching Calls will be held on Monday evenings at 7pm US Central. If you can’t make it to a call, but have a question you will be welcomed to email that to me in advance and I can address it on the call. You’ll have access to recordings of all of the calls.

I’m not sure I’ll be comfortable sharing about my Shift in the Coaching Calls, do I have to?

First, ground rules will be set and there will be an expectation of all participants to be respectful, non-judgmental, and confidential. However, your level of participation and sharing both on the coaching calls and in the Facebook group is completely up to you and your comfort level. I do encourage you to at least read the Facebook conversations and listen to the calls because we can often learn from others’ situations.

What if I join, but then decide not to do it; can I get a refund?

No. The workbook and access to the program is sent to you immediately upon purchase and can’t be revoked. Also, the workbook alone has a value beyond your investment. If you do decide not to join in after you’ve already purchased the program you can email me via my website and apply your purchase cost to another one of my services.

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