Are you looking for a professional facilitator? Do you need support planning and navigating systemic change in your organization? Are you creating something new for your community trying to engage diverse stakeholder groups?

Leverage the genius in your organization.

Before launching KOR Solutions in 2008 my professional life and graduate education were in the areas of Organization Development. Naturally, when I went out on my own I initially focused my service offerings in the areas of strategic planning, process design/redesign, and organization design and development. You can read more about my background on the My Story page. My experience in corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit environments of varying sizes makes it easy for me to work within any type of company or organization, adapting quickly. In addition to working within businesses, I have extensive experience in grassroots and community initiatives.


I have to admit, facilitation is probably my favorite thing to do. Whether it is an individual in a Free Your Genius strategy session, a team working through ideation for new solutions, a Board of Directors retreat, or a series of community focus groups… I LOVE it all!

I work with you to assess your needs, design and conduct the facilitation, and create any necessary documentation of results and next steps.

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Organization Development

Change can be difficult. I have found that successful, long lasting change requires a number of elements, chief among them: 1) leadership engagement, 2) involvement of all stakeholders, 3) paying attention to the whole system, and 4) communication, communication, communication.

Organization Development can mean a lot of things. The definition is debated even within the industry. I like to focus my OD work on three areas:

  1. Strategy – Strategic planning for the organization as a whole, a subset, or a specific initiative.
  2. Program Development – Design and development of new segments or initiatives of the organization, requiring whole systems thinking, strategy, process design/redesign, communications, and training. These are usually long term projects.
  3. Organization Design – Determining the necessary structure and team needs as the organization grows, including identification of roles and responsibilities, and the right fit for culture.

There are times when an outside perspective and expertise is necessary to facilitate objective clarity and action. My experience goes beyond these three areas; so I’m open to discussing a different scope of work.

Email Becca or call 913.269.8317 to discuss your project.

Picture1“Becca was a critical part of our team for 20 months, working with us as the organization development consultant to develop and launch the Blue Valley School District CAPS program. She understood the political landscape, and was able to maneuver through unknown waters without creating waves. She rapidly turned around products that were well written, detailed, and concise. She was diligent at managing the many projects we gave her, adapting to ensure deadlines were met and results achieved. She has a magical ability to listen to clients and capture the essence of their thinking into words.”

Donna Deeds

Former Executive Director, Center for Advanced Professional Studies

Currently the Executive Director of the new Northland CAPS.