The Genius Series

I know that you have a genius to share with the world. I use the word genius as that thing that you know, that you do, in an effortless way that is different than others in your industry. The Genius Series is simply the way I work with clients.

We first Free Your Genius to get content clarity and strategy. Then we Sculpt Your Genius by designing and developing product and service offerings in a wide variety of forms. When you’re ready to Share Your Genius with the world we go into production, marketing and launch of what we’ve created. Woohoo! Sometimes my clients only need me to free and/or sculpt their genius. Sometimes they need me to create and manage the production and launch of the product. How we work together is customized to what you need.

Get an idea of how I work with clients by reading their comments HERE.

You have a unique gift deep within you so close to you, you might not even be able to see it — that’s just aching to be shared with the world

– Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap

The Genius Series

Are you not quite ready to jump into a Free Your Genius strategy session? Do you just need to brainstorm an idea or two? Are you clear about what you want to do, but need help determining the exact next steps? This is a powerful 60-minutes of clarity, ideas and strategy.

The Genius Series

Everyone has a genius. It is that sweet spot where your unique gifts, passions, and the world’s needs meet. You’re meant to share your genius with the world….but we have to get it out of your head first! A Free Your Genius strategy session is when we wrangle and untangle all of your genius ideas. Then we laser in on what exactly we’re going to develop into a product, service, or other content.

The Genius Series

You can have ideas. You can even have an outline or notes about your ideas. You don’t have a book, a training program, a video series, a telesummit, a keynote speech, an opt-in freebie, etc…until you have actual content. Sculpt Your Genius is the detail work of designing and developing the products and other offerings you want to share with the world. This is where it gets real.

The Genius Series

Now you’re ready to make your vision realized. Whatever genius you’ve born, designed and developed, now needs to be created into a tangible, workable, readable, doable, thing for your clients, customers and audience to be able to experience and/or buy. Share Your Genius is about the production, marketing and launch of what you’ve created.

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